Thursday, August 17, 2006

I just can't stop with the videos!

OK, I'll try to stop posting these....eventually. Here is some friendly Afghan Militia setting up a 107mm rocket and firing it off. Since these rockets were getting shot into our base, we wanted to learn how they were set up, worked, were fired, etc. The irrepressible CPT Matt Pintur narrates...

Prepare to fire!



Blogger Citizen Deux said...

Major, great videos! Better footage than most news sources.

As I mentioned over on HGU, I am working to promote a survey on military opinions on DADT. Any military member, retired, former or current (active / reserve) can participate. The link is as follows;

DADT Survey

Please take a moment to look it over and respond. All replies are confidential.

I appreciate your help!

2:36 PM  

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