Thursday, August 04, 2005

Gratuitous Afghanistan Photo of the Day (49)

A girl in Deh-e Hazara, Bagram District, Parwan Province. I don't really have any way to add anything to this one, by way of commentary.


Blogger Simon Peter said...

Very nice picture Major John. Good composition and very moving, although it is just a shade over-exposed for my taste.

What sort of camera do you use? And how did you get some of these folks to let you take their picture?

8:37 AM  
Blogger Major John said...

Hey pal, you schlep a battered little DiMage XT around Afghanistan for a year and see what you come up with.. :)

Actually, Simon, someday I will learn how to use Imaging, Picasa, and other photography software and refine these photos into something better. Glenn Reynolds has offered some good advice - Lord knows he's posted enough photos, yes? I am just too hassled and/or lazy right now to do much more than take my raw photos and turn them into something small enough in memory size to post on Blogger.

As for getting people to take their picture - most of the time it was not a problem, it was quite a novelty for them. Sometimes I was just unobtrusive about it - the Dimage is a small camera, after all...

8:53 AM  

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