Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Prefix versus Suffix

I just got my new license plates in the mail. The State of Illinois, in their infinite need to spend money, had decided that speciality plates should have suffixes instead of prefixes.

Now, instead of my plate reading: "N10571" it reads: "10571NG."

I see cost here and can't envision where savings or ease could possibly come into play. I tried to google why this was done and couldn't find anything (I am notorously bad at googling though and regardless of what I use to search I end up with photos of someone's dog or a porn site).

I think someone in the Illinois Secretary of State's office got a case of the remodeling bug that seems to be going around (I site as evidence for the bug all the home improvement shows that my wife seems to find while I have similar results searching cable for Rugby as I do with all google attempts).



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