Thursday, June 23, 2005

They Seem to Have Mislaid Their Copy of The Constitution

I am starting to wonder when aliens kidnapped the US Supreme Court and left evil replicants in their place. Private property - homes no less(!) - are now subject to the whims of local officials, who can execute a taking for such a hugely important "public" good as a Wal-Mart...They seem to have started with the First Amendment shredding (commonly known as upholding "campaign finance reform" despite a fairly clear directive ... y'know, "Congress shall make no law...") and then the 9th and 10th Amendments got the last handful of dirt tossed on their graves. Looks like the Takings Clause just got the works. Disgusting.

UPDATE: Hubris is already applying the newly established Kelo precident. Heh. [thanks to Jeff]


Anonymous Elbert Wangler said...

hey happy thanksgiving!

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