Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snowmageddon and the Neighbors

The Snowpocalypse hit our city hard. When I looked out at 6:30am, you could not tell the street from the driveways from the yards.

By 10am, the winds had slowed and the sun came out. My wife mentioned that people were emerging and starting to shovel and use their snowblowers, so out I went. She joined me and then all the kids streamed out into the drifts and piles of snow.

As we all worked our driveways, I noticed that those who had finished started to help others out. Then we all went to the two houses that had no snowblower, or anyone able bodied enough to clear the snow... while the kids played, the adults watched them, shoveled and ran their snowblowers. We got everyone on the street cleared out, and worked the sidewalks, fire hydrants and some of the mailboxes free.

Everyone congregated at the end of the last driveway and made the obligatory "time to start on the ____ [insert choice of schnapps, brandy, etc]". I think we all just trudged home and got lunch and are saving the drinking for a later time, heh heh. The kids are still playing, hours later. Me, I can hardly type for how tired my arms have become...

Times like these make me very happy to live in the neighborhood I do.


Blogger Spockgirl said...

That's what I like about snow! It makes you feel like you've accomplished something that you can feel good about afterwards, even if you are sore. The best thing is that I still sort of FEEL young enough to play in it when I'm done.

Only problem up here is that there is NO snow, or even rain for that matter. It is crisp and sunny.. so far... this week...

3:47 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

I'm very disappointed in my neighbors. Some people with their big 2-stage snowblowers, who could have done the whole public sidewalk in about ten minutes, just went up to their property line and turned around. Me, I did my drive, the sidewalk, and then dug out a neighbor whose husband is out of town (including a belt change on my snowblower, took over an hour). All while other neighbors kept looking at me.

There's gonna be some retribution on this one, I can tell you.

5:57 PM  

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