Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lost and Found

Fabled "Russian Plane" Burial Ground

Some of my favorite photos from this blog are those of the old Russian aircraft found around Bagram. Thanks to Google Earth I was actually able to locate the location... You can clearly see the large AN-12 aircraft and to the southwest is the MIG-21 in the Google Earth photo. You can see the same AN-12 and the MIG-21 in Major John's photo.

Google Earth is a great program. My son (age 10) likes to type in keywords ("Taj Mahal," "Big Ben," or "Acropolis") and then "fly" to those location. He also likes to scroll/zoom around from place to place freely. What a great learning tool for students and for adults (like me) whose geography knowledge is not so strong.

ADMINISTRATOR'S LUNCHTIME UPDATE: The white whale! The Whhiiiittte Whaaale!


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