Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gratuitous Afghanistan Photo of the Day (61)

This photo is from the first patrol I went on in Afghanistan. I had recently become the CMO (Civil-Military Operations Officer) of Task Force Eagle (the outfit that was responsible for about 110 square km with about 300,000 people and two provincial capitals) I found out that I had little first hand knowledge of many places in this area. Only one way to fix that little problem - go out with the infantry. Almost all of my Afghan photos you see on this blog are a direct result of me trying to learn about the people and places in Parwan and Kapisa provinces. I was very lucky that I had the help of the 3/116th INF (Virgina National Guard) most of the time. Other times it was people like CSM Mark Bowman, the various RAF Regiment officers I have previously written about, and our own unit that kept me on track.


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