Thursday, May 26, 2005

Major Who?

Pardon me, I should have introduced myself. I am best known as the one-time Instapundit Afghanistan Correspondent (April 2004-2005).

The links you see: Instapundit - I consider myself one of his Blog kids; Allah - Despite the Allahpundit having some wild ups and downs with the blog experience, he also needs to get some credit as an inspiration; Tim Blair - He posted a lovely apology and compassionate head-tilt photo from me, see props to him too (I won't harp on the vegemite he never sent me...); Protein Wisdom - This simply has to be experienced - words often fail me in trying to describe it.

I anticipate adding more soon (ie. Vodkapundit, Mudville Gazette, Chrenkoff, etc.) but I am just getting started with this whole blog thing.


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