Friday, July 27, 2007

News of Afghanistan - Edition 63

Friday again? Ah, I guess this means it is time for the News! Come on then:

Gee, you think they really differ?

Oh, not to worry, we won't go there...

So, want to know who these Taliban guys are anyways? They do this.

They are running through a few commanders, however.


Iranian involvement?! Really?

Oooh, this should be fun...

Did I mention that the Taliban are a bunch of gutless cowards who are blowing up women and kids? Maybe I have once or twice...but here it is happening again.

Russians? Talib? Local atrocities? All of them.

Keeping an eye out for censorship of Kamran Mir Hazar.

Joinging the Great Debates (Reformation vs Counter-Reformation, Slave or Free, Communist or Capitalist, Coke or Pepsi.... Roshan or Afghan Wireless

The King is dead round up:
Who came. What they did. And leave it to the Economist to all but stick a middle finger up at the funeral procession...


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