Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Catching up on my Scalzi

I am a big fan of John Scalzi; Old Man's War, Agent to the Stars (how often do you finish a book and tell yourself, "that was fun.") and The Ghost Brigades. I had fallen behind, and recently caught up on a couple of titles - The Last Colony and The Android's Dream.

The Last Colony is the conclusion of the set started by Old Man's War. It is very well done and the best part of it (to me) doesn't have anything to do with interstellar intrigue, plot twists, and some good, meaty Science's more a psychological/sociological aspect. The Jane Sagan character is so perfectly handled, that it took the prize with this book. How would a person "born" in a fully formed body, with pre-set knowledge, skills and abilities - as well as being constantly in mental contact with her comrades - do when leaving the life of a highly designed and enhanced soldier? I won't spoil any of the book for you - just look for those parts and enjoy.

The Android's Dream is not part of the Old Man's War series - but you will see some of the same ideas present. I think from the ending, that Mr. Scalzi is leaving open the possibility of expanding upon this work as well. Heh.

As for Mr. Scalzi - go read his blog, "Whatever". He is an interesting man tobe sure.


Anonymous SDStillerz said...

I totally agree with your comments about Mr Scalzi's books! Although I've not yet read the Last Colony, the first two books in the series (Old Man's War and Ghost Brigades) are absolutely wonderful. His premise is interesting, his characters are "real," and his story is exciting. I can't wait to get my hands on the Last Colony and finish the series.

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