Friday, April 27, 2007

News of Afghanistan - the 55th edition

Grab your mug of Alokozay BOP1 Leaf Tea, raise it in honor of The World's Greatest Military Contractor (he's the one who got mine for me, thanks Haji-o-matic!) and read on!

An honest assesment of French military impact in Afghanistan?

A small, but interesting set of stories. Check the last one for Dole Foods thoughts on Afghan investment.

Afghan Rail history!

Kids in Kulata, Kapisa Province, winter of 2005. (photo by me)

Abdullah Abdullah looks back.

So, how is that refugee problem? Urk. Argh!

Hurrah for the Kiwis! I rather liked working with them, their NSE CDR whiole I was there, LTC Aaron Couchman, was a good man.

Advice for Afghan Moms.

Canadian Parliamentary squabbling. You know, I never thought I would type those three words together in a non-funny way.

How this plays out is worth watching. Also note the bit about the Japanese at the end.

Haji Almos, member of the Wolesi Jirga (L) and Molanna SayedKhail, Chief of Police of Parwan Province (R) Spring 2005 [Molanna's swearing in ceremony] (photo by me)

Sticks and Stones...

Party time - no, political parties, not the fun type.

A sad note here.

An Afghan girl washes her brother near an army-destroyed building where refugees live in Kabul, on Friday, April 27, 2007. Iran is deporting around 5,000 refugees a day back to Afghanistan, which lacks the capacity to feed and accommodate them, an Afghan official said Thursday. In the last three days, Iran has deported Afghan refugees living illegally in the Islamic republic through the Zaranj border-crossing in southwestern Nimroz province, said Interior Ministry spokesman Zemeri Bashary. (AP Photo/Farzana Wahidy)

More ungood, plus ungood news. I guess at least something is being done about capturing awareness of this subject.

Ha, I guess the Afghans have two seasons just like us - "Winter" and "Road Construction"!

The Kabul cricket juggernaut rolls on!


Anonymous kamagra said...

It is a beautiful country, too bad that the people in that parts of the world are crazy and/or so violent.

1:22 PM  

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