Saturday, December 23, 2006

Old Bones still coming to the surface...Where is the Wehrmacht?

Poli Charki will always be an evil place. It would be nice to at least find half of the millions who vanished in some kind of grave. You cannot leave the side of he road without stumbling upon UXOs or a shallow grave. A few grave areas of Russian dead are said to be on and around Bagram. When ever we broke ground for construction on Bagram I would get calls about more Human remains found.

Looks like the Germans are hangin' out with the French to much. They are worried about the safety of support personnel for Tornadoes they may send to fly Recon missions. WTF? Has NATO in the West been totaly deballed? I think we may want to talk to the Poles or others in the old East Block.


Blogger Major John said...

"WTF? Has NATO in the West been totaly deballed?"

Excepting the Brits, I fear you are absolutely correct.

8:47 PM  

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