Wednesday, November 08, 2006

8 Chicago Charter Schools to be run by Political group

I taught in some very poor Chicago Schools and I have always been appalled by the the failure of Chicago Public Schools. Only 6 out of 100 students who finish High School actual finish College. The Students and Staff Pay the price along with the community. Millions are spent to no avail. I was surprised to find out 8 Charter schools will be run by a group by the name of the United Neighborhood Organization. This is a strong grass roots organization which is growing as fast as the immigrant population it supports. This group has a model based on the teachings of Saul Alinsky an old school Chicago Radical. I say try anything for these kids, they deserve the best we can provide. But the obvious political agenda of the supporting organization causes concern. Being a Charter school, they have more freedom in setting curriculum. Chicago suffers as one of the most segregated cities in the world. Will these community based schools speed or hamper assimilation?


Blogger Major John said...

I've got $5 that says "hamper".

7:41 AM  

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