Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Please for you to be leaving

It seems Hekmatyar Gulbuddin would prefer that NATO leave, and anyone who helped get Afghanistan back on the road to recovery step aside. This is quite a comedown for the long-time fighter. He fought the Soviets, then was actively engaged in the civil war that followed their withdrawal. He kept fighting when the Taliban pushed in, and after they were chased out.

Maybe 26+ years of fighting have tired the #$%&@* out? The recent close call at capture scared him? From florid proclamations of death to his enemies, to now saying that everyone should just stand aside so the HIG (his party) can peacefully be given the reins...


Blogger Muslihoon said...

Thanks you for to post this.

As a Christian, people like Gul really are a test and trial. I know I'm supposed to be meek and loving towards everyone (pray for your enemies and all that) but, seriously, people like him bring out the fire-breathing sword-slasher in me.

8:55 AM  

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