Friday, August 18, 2006

News of Afghanistan XVIII

I'm taking today off - so this version may look a little different. Be that as it may - time for the news:

For those in a hurry - go here.

I hate mines. I really, really do hate landmines. Here is an example of why.

This is ungood. Plus ungood at least.

"Why is it always MY fault?!"

Afghan Intelligence unhappy with Pakistan. I had my own experience with the Afghan Intelligence apparatus - I cannot really say much except that it was like I had fallen into a mix of an Ian Fleming novel, a Peter Sellers movie (maybe "A Shot in the Dark") and a Rudyard Kipling story.

I think CSM Bones was a customer...

Yea for the Italians! Also, I remember that the Charikar Orphanage had been fixed up by a generous donation of the Trieste chapter of the Italian Red Cross. Grazi!

Ha ha ha ha! So much for Afghan C-SPAN, eh?

I don't think I can exaggerate how closely this trial was being followed in Afghanistan. Guilty was the verdict.

The Afghan Cricket Team- you can't stop it, you can only hope to contain it.

"Hey, we'll play 'em!"

This just plain sucks (note editorializing in what should be a short, plain factual story)

China is still very interested in Afghanistan, economically that is.

Go Cougars! Washington State, that is.

Shoes? Maybe you could ask this fellow about Afghans and shoes.

Yeah, I've heard his stuff - not bad actually.

News Source of the Week:



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