Friday, June 16, 2006

News of Afghanistan XI

Irrigation well starts up in Qara Bagh - on the edge of Kabul and Parwan Provinces

Friday again, eh? Must be time for the News...

I don't know how I missed this diplomatic development. Afghanistan continues to rejoin the community of nations.

Speaking of diplomacy... (This also lets me pound on one of my pet subjects as well - what do you do with the militias?)

Swords to plowshares, baby. Swords to plowshares.

See Radio Free Afghanistan's Daily Summary (the bottom story is curious, and not too good a development either).

More diplomacy! One-note Johnny today, aren't I?

Now, back to the war.

Afghanistan loves "Bollywood" - I hope Kabul Express turns out.

Arshad will next be seen in Kabul Express

Again, back to the war.

photo: U.S. Army/Spc. Jerry T. Combes

Economics, economics - the dismal science in Afghanistan (see especially this mistake - "Many Afghans are not used to paying income tax, so it will take some time for them to become accustomed to it." Really? I know I am stepping out on a limb here, but somehow I suspect the Afghans will manage to NOT pay this in droves. 5000 years of experience in trying to keep other hands off of what is theirs...)

Editorial Cartoon courtesy of e-Ariana.

More economics (and diplomacy too!)

Cry "Uncle" and receive mercy.

This week's Afghanistan News/Information source:

Make sure you look at their photo gallery too.


Blogger Muslihoon said...

Really cool picture of Karzai.

It bothers me that America's contributions to Afghanistan and even Iraq are not more publicly celebrated. But at least conditions are getting better. That's what counts.

By the way, I saw a picture of you a few days ago, Major, with a tilted head and an apologetic note, apologizing for improving Afghanistan's condition. Very amusing. :-)

5:15 PM  
Blogger Major John said...

Ah, the old Tim Blair "We are Sorry" Compassionate Head Tilt shot. I asked one of our Operations Officers to take the shot of me by the map and Masoud's photo - Heh, I was acting a little goofy those days.

How ever did you see that?

6:43 PM  
Blogger Muslihoon said...

Tim Blair, on this post on June 10, 2006, linked to this page. (The pouting lip looks cute. Almost childlike.)


3:37 PM  

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