Tuesday, July 26, 2005

When Your Opponent Looks Vulnerable...Be Sure to Play the Fool?!

Stunts like this remind one why Chicago continues to remain a single party stronghold. Faced with very serious corruption being uncovered in the Chicago Democratic Machine, the Cook County Republican Party reveals itself as an unserious option. To me, Daley did some very good things to start his run as mayor - he got the schools back from the brink (he has wobbled lately, but did start strong) and turned policies toward making Chicago a place people would want to live in again. However, it seems that there has always been a price to pay for this progress. Contracts to the connected and/or donors (ie. the Duff family), and an appetite for taxpayer money has never been sated. A more aggressive US Attorney (of course, being more aggressive than Scott Lazar was...ain't to hard) has started to erode the patronage and corruption in hiring and contracting that has kept the political peace in the city. Should be some fun times ahead - a pity the Republican party offers no serious alternative right now.


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