Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Curse you, Loeb Classical Library!

So I am churning my way through C. Bradford Welles' translation of Diodorus Siculus' books XVI.66-XVII, when what do I see in footnote 5 on page 361-2 of the 1970 reprinting of the 1963 edition?

"The end of Diodorus's year 328/7 and the beginning of 327/6 B.C. have been lost in a long break in the manuscript from which our text derives; it is now the autumn of 327. The Scythian, Bactrian, and Sogdian campaigns are over, with such familiar incidents as the quarrel with Cleitus, the arrest of Callisthenes in connection with the introduction of proscynesis and the Pages' Conspiracy, and the marriage of Roxane (cp. the subject headings in the Table of Contents, pp. 111-113)."

You rotten SOBs. Go hire Indiana Jones or somesuch to find your freakin' missing manuscript pages. I only bought the bloody thing to read about Alexander's Afghan Campaigns! Bah.


Anonymous SeanH said...

I recommend this if you haven't read it. In case the Amazon link doesn't work it's Arrian's Campaigns of Alexander. The title used to be Anabasis, but Penguin changed it. It's a shame I can't find an online version, but it's ten bucks cheap at Amazon.

1:19 PM  

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