Monday, June 20, 2005

The Lawyer Who Came In From The Cold

I post as a "Citizen-Soldier", and that is what I consider myself. Some know what I have done as a soldier, but not many know my deep, dark secret...I am a lawyer in civilian life. Not for much longer, however. After 5 years as a prosecutor, and 5 as a corporate-trial defense lawyer, I am making a change. I am becoming what Tempus42 describes as a Senior Peon. I will be at a different Corporation That Is Not To Be Named.
Why would I leave a field where I had spent so much time? A good question that I am still trying to answer fully. Burnout? Not as such. New opportunity? Partly. Stability, after my two deployments (Bosnia and Afghanistan)? A big part, yes. I also feel that I may have lost something, some spark that let me become (in my humble opinion) a very good trial attorney. I can no longer see myself facing a jury in a civil case and arguing with the passion that evey client deserves.
I would be keenly interested in hearing from any other attorneys - particularly those no longer practicing. What happens to cause this? What was your motive to change your career?


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